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Mission Statement

We, the Roman Catholic Community of St. Patrick Church under the guidance and protection of Mary, our Blessed Mother, and St. Patrick our Patron, recognize ourselves as disciples of Jesus Christ. We strive to be a prayerful Eucharistic Family, open to the power of the Holy Spirit and conscious of our mission to use our time, talent and treasure in service to our brothers and sisters and to the glory of God.

St. Pat's Updates

All Saints Day Vigil Mass Oct 31 5pm English and 7pm Spanish.

All Souls Day Nov 2nd 9Am English, 12:15pm Spanish, 6pm English.

If you would like to honor and remember your loved ones by sponsoring Alter Flowers for All Souls and Saints day call the office 634-6833.

TUESDAYS          8:00 AM TO 9:00 AM
WEDNESDAYS    4:30 PM TO 5:30 PM
THURSDAYS       8:00 AM TO 9:00 AM
                             6:00 PM TO 6:45 PM
FRIDAYS             9:45 AM TO 10:45 AM
SATURDAYS       9:00 AM TO 10:00 AM
                             6:00 PM TO 6:45 PM


Life Chain Oct 25th, 2-3PM Kiwanis Park


Online Faith Formations Classes are available to begin Sept. 13th through the St. Phillip Institute Web Site at this link:


Let there be no confusion. Bishop Strickland, the Diocese of Tyler and St. Patrick’s Catholic Church require masks in church. According to the Bishop:

“If we do this simple thing and embrace this small sacrifice, we can do our part to ensure that everyone stays healthy and that our churches can remain safe and open throughout this crisis.”


NEW! Updated guidelines of COVID 19 Precautions: It’s a long read but let’s continue with the wishes of the Bishop and our Priests to keep the parish safe and well.

We ask that you observe the following practices:

1. The Bishop’s dispensation for all Catholics from their Sunday obligation to attend Holy Mass remains in place: THE FAITHFUL ARE UNDER NO MORAL OBLIGATION TO ATTEND MASS AT THIS TIME.

2. Do not attend Mass if you are sick or have any symptoms that even resemble the symptoms of COVID-19.

Persons with any of these symptoms MUST remain at home:

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Repeated shaking with chills
Muscle pain
Sore throat
Loss of taste or smell
Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit

Known close contact with a person who is lab-confirmed to have COVID-19.

Persons who have had these symptoms MUST NOT come to Mass until: at least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since recovery (resolution of fever without the use of fever- reducing medications); and the individual has improvement in respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath); and at least 7 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.

3. ALL VULNERABLE INDIVIDUALS SHOULD CONTINUE TO STAY AT HOME. Vulnerable people are individuals 65+ years old or have any critical health conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease, asthma, autoimmune disorders, and those undergoing cancer treatments.

4. Members of households with vulnerable residents should be aware that they could carry the virus back home.

5. Due to the restrictions of occupancy, we will only be able to accommodate 150 people per mass. Our regular masses are held as usual both on Sunday and Week Days.

6. Please, wear a mask to mass, for your protection and the protection of others.

7. Please, observe the designated seating areas.

8. There will be one pew between each row to be used

9. Families will sit together.

10. There must be 6 feet between households if sitting at opposite sides of the same pew.

11. Maintain at least a 6-foot in the Communion procession, and when arriving for and leaving Mass.

12. At the Communion procession only one pew at a time will come forward.

13. There will be no physical contact at the Sign of Peace.

14. Please, deposit your offering—regularly gathered during the collection—in the basket at the foyer. There will be two baskets, for 1st and 2nd collection. Remember that you can also send your financial contributions by mail or direct deposit through our website DONATE tab.

15. At the end of Holy Mass, please leave the Church and do not linger socializing at the foyer or outside at the entrance.

16. We will try to have hand sanitizer available in the foyer of the Church. However, we are asking you to help us by bringing your own pocket size hand sanitizer bottle and use it as needed. Also, remember that washing your hands with soap and water remains an effective way to deal with COVID-

17. Please, wash or sanitize your hands before entering the church or after touching any common surface.

17. Although for Holy Communion is strongly recommended that you receive on the hand, the Diocese has determined that it can be received on the tongue at the discretion of the communicant.

If you receive in the hands, please extend your hands and keep them flat (not the natural cupping way of the fingers).

As has always been the case, we receive Holy Communion, we do not take Holy Communion. Under no circumstance reach out with your hand to take (snatch) the Sacred Host from the hands of the minister.

18. We will not be using Missals or Hymnals at this time.

The Parish Office is open during regular hours (Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM) . However, we ask that if you can conduct your business by phone or email, please do so.

As this situation changes we will be updating our website at and our Facebook page. Please, send us your email address if you do not receive this email and would like to receive an email update. Please email We ask that you forward this information to other parishioners.

• The Parish office remains open, but we are asking you to contact us via phone 936-634-6833.

• You can also email us at, or our Business Manager, Ruth Adams at


Please click on the link to support St. Patrick’s by giving your offering online or by collection basket located in the church foyer.

Saturday Vigil, 7PM (Spanish),
Sunday 9 AM (English),
Sunday 11AM (Spanish), and
Sunday 5 PM (English).



• The Parish office remains open, but we are asking you to contact us via phone 936-634-6833.
• You can also email us at, or our Business Manager, Ruth Adams at






If you are a group leader please contact the office with updated info.  

Info on these events and more at the bulletin link





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Contact Us

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