Altar Servers: Altar servers help the priest and deacon during the liturgy, especially the Mass. They have several supporting duties to carry out, such as carrying the processional cross and candles, carry the incense and thurible, holding the missal for the priest celebrant when he is not at the altar, assisting the priest when he receives the gifts from the people, washing the hands of the priest before the prayer over the gifts, removing items from the altar during communion, and assisting the priest celebrant and the deacon as necessary. The Altar Server’s leader is Dcn. Juan Mijares.

Eucharistic Ministers: A Eucharistic Minister is a parishioner, selected by the Pastor and mandated by the Bishop, who serves, distributes, and administers the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ during the Holy Communion or Eucharist of the Church Service.  Eucharistic Ministers are called not only to minister the Body and Blood of Christ, but to have and maintain a strong faith, a sense of awe, and an inclusiveness of others as the foundation for their ministry.  The ministers accomplish this by strengthening their faith from within and sharing it with the faithful at communion time.  Eucharistic Ministers must be comfortable in establishing a relationship with each communicant in what is most likely the most intimate moment in the liturgy. Eucharistic Minister’s leaders are: Elizabeth Tubbs (English) and Jose Garcia (Spanish),

Lectors: Those who are called to the ministry of Lector or Reader apply their talents and time to Proclaim God’s Word to the worship community. This ministry requires preparation of the Old and New Testament Readings in the Liturgy of the Word. After completing an orientation, lectors are scheduled to proclaim the Word approximately once a month. Lector leaders are: Doris Dunman (English) and Dora Juarez (Spanish).

Ushers/Greeters: Assist at mass and the priest in coordination of seating, offertory and welcoming parishioners and guests.

Music: The Music Ministers of St. Patrick Catholic Church, constantly strive as ministers to enable the community’s complete participation in the liturgy.  As music ministers, theirs is an important task because the liturgy, by its’ very nature, is musical: it is meant to be sung!  Music is an integral aspect of all liturgy.  The Music Ministers will help the gathered assembly to participate fully, consciously and actively; by engaging all the senses we engage our very souls! All choirs are open to new members, please see list of leaders under the Staff tab.