A Eucharistic Minister is a parishioner, selected by the Pastor and mandated by the Bishop, who serves, distributes, and administers the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ during the Holy Communion or Eucharist of the Church Service.  Eucharistic Ministers are called not only to minister the Body and Blood of Christ, but to have and maintain a strong faith, a sense of awe, and an inclusiveness of others as the foundation for their ministry.

The ministers accomplish this by strengthening their faith from within and sharing it with the faithful at communion time.  Eucharistic Ministers must be comfortable in establishing a relationship with each communicant in what is most likely the most intimate moment in the liturgy. Eucharistic Minister leaders are:  

English Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion : Suzie Rightmire, 832-233-1760


Spanish Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion : Lupita De La Cruz, 936-225-8042

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