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Posted April 13th, see previous post for Easter Schedule. In this week’s bulletin check for office closing, Rice Bowl turn in, 60-5 club meeting and more.

Posted April 11, 2017
Triduum Service Schedule:
Holy Thursday 7pm Bilingual
Good Friday
12pm Stations of the Cross Spanish
2pm Stations of the Cross English
3pm Bilingual Novena
7pm Liturgy of the Passion Biligual
Holy Saturday
3pm Novena Bilingual
8pm Easter Vigil Bilingual
Sunday The Resurrection of the Lord
9am English Mass
12Pm Spanish Mass
3pm Novena Bilingual
5pm Bilingual Mass

Posted April 7th Check the bulletin link for information on Holy Week, GIFT candidates who need to come by the office ASAP, Rice Bowl turn in, Easter office closings, and baptismal class schedules.

Posted April 1st, 2017 Check the bulletin which is posted in English and Spanish for parish events. There will be a voted registration drive after Spanish Mass this weekend, confession schedule Tuesday April 4th, Easter Schedule is posted, Choir rehearsals for Easter Mass welcome participants Sundays at 6pm, School PISA Competition results, St Benedict Prayer Group, Gathering meeting, Faith Formation GIFT sessions and Fiestas Patrias preparation.

Posted March 25, 2017 Bulletin is online please read for info on Easter Schedule, Confessions, and Stations of the cross. We are at 80% of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal with 212 family participating. Check for info on a Catholic Family Camp, School registration, Baptism Classes, and a planning meeting for the Fiestas Patrias celebration.

Posted March 18th The Knights of Columbus will be selling pancakes after the 9am Mass and Hamburgers after the 12pm Mass March 19th, an adult volunteer is need to train alter servers, contact Father Gavin, sign up sheets are the foyer of the church for the clean up Day March 25th, registration packages are available March 21st for St. Patrick’s School, and the St. Patrick’s Celebration is March 23rd. Please click the bulletin link for more details.

Posted March 14th Please check the bulletin for info on a Parish work day, School News, RCIA candidates, A St. Patrick’s Celebration, Confession Times, Easter Scheduled, Sacrament Sessions for Faith Formation, Adult Religious Education opportunities and a go fund me account for an injured parishioner.

Posted March 4, 2017 The bulletin is posted in English and Spanish. Please note ongoing activity in our parish, the support a student collection, Opportunity for adult religious education, Spring clean planning for the facility, St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, the Bishop’s Appeal, amd the Parish Council Meeting.

Posted Feb. 24, 2017 Check the bulletin for Ash Wednesday schedule and Stations of the Cross. The Bishop’s Appeal is ongoing, Volunteers are need for a Parish Facility clean up on on March 25th, The 60-5 club meets Feb. 27th and the Gathering Meets Fen. 28th. Please read the bulletin at the link in English and Spanish.

Posted Feb. 18th, 2017 Check the bulletin this week for Green and Gold Gala info, Bishop’s Appeal info, Vatican International Exhibition in Jasper, Tx, Adult Religious Education in our parish, Ash Wednesday Schedule and more.

Posted Feb 10, 2017 Check the bulletin, posted in English and Spanish for news about upcoming Bishop’s Annual Appeal, The School Gala, Faith Formation Sacrament Session, St. Benedict Prayer Group meeting, Spanish Youth Group Retreat, Adult Religious Education Opportunities in out Parish, support a student collection and more.

Posted Feb 4th, 2017 English bulletin posted, check for info, Day of Prayer for the sick, Baptism Class schedules, bring in your blessed palms for Ash Wednesday, a Religion to Spirituality Class, Faith Formation News, BabyPalooza, Ladies Rosary Group and St. Pat’s celebration March 23.

Posted Jan. 28, 2017 Check the Bulletin, posted at the link in English and Spanish for news of Catholic Schools Week, First Friday, Scouting Mass with Bishop Strickland in Tyler, Babypalooza, Rome Trip update and more.

Posted Jan 22, 2017 Bulletin is online at the link. Check for details about various parish, community and diocesan opportunities, English Baptism Classes, Day of prayer for the unborn, St. Andrew Spanish Prayer Group, Faith Formation sacrament sessions, Week of Prater for Christian Unity, 30th Anniversary Diocese of Tyler, A course for youth pastoral training and Catholic Schools week.

Posted Jan 13, 2017 Bulletin is posted, church office closed for MLK Day, 60-5 Club January meeting canceled, details of the Baptism Schedule, Lufkin NAACP scholarship info, Spanish Bible Class info, Sacramental Formation info, The School gala on Feb, 24th and more is in the bulletin.

Posted Jan 7, 2017 Please check the bulletin for announcements and upcoming events. Some things of note, please register in the parish if you are not, Parish groups should contact the office to updat the master use schedule for the year, Parish Council meets Jan 10th, the Gathering meets at St. Patrick’s Jan. 13th, check for Baptism class schedules and Right to Life scholarship info.

Posted Dec 21, 2016 Mass schedule for Christmas:
Dec. 24th, 5:30 English, 7pm Spanish, Midnight Mass
Dec 25th 9am English and 12 noon Spanish
Please check Bulletin for New Year schedule and other parish news. Merry Christmas.
Posted December 16, 2016 Check the bulletin link for Parish Advent and Christmas Schedules, Posada Schedule, Reconcilation Service Schedules and Church Office hours for the Christmas Holiday. There is a Rosary Pilgrimage at the Monastery December 18, a Sanctity of life for teens in Tyler Jan. 7th and more in this week’s bulletin.

Posted Dec. 10th 2016 Bulletins are posted. Please check for information on a Rosary Pilgrimage to the Monastery, The St. Patrick School Pancake Supper and the support a student collection, info on SPYG Youth Group Christmas Caroling, Out Lady of Guadalupe Mass schedule, Advent and Christmas schedule, Posadas schedule and more.

Posted Dec 4th, 2016 The Church web page is back up thanks to Real Graphics of Lufkin. Check this week’s bulletin for info on The Gathering, a meeting of women of St. Patrick’s and St. Andrew’s at 3pm today in the St. Andrew’s Hall, This week’s 60–5 club news, St. Patrick school News for the Advent Program and Pancake Supper, Schedule for Immaculate Conception Masses and the entire Advent and Christmas schedule.

Posted Oct 7th, 2016 Bulletins are posted in English and Spanish items of interest are ongoing parish registration for new families, this is important because no sacraments, letters of immigration, etc will be issued to non parish members. Volunteers are needed for lectors. Upcoming are Public Square Rosary, Pastoral Council meeting and Spanish ethics and integrity.

Posted Oct 1st, 2016 United in Jesus Mass tomorrow at 11am Lufkin Convention Center, Life Chain Oct 2nd check bulletin for info, Sanctity of Life Banquet, Pumpkin Patch, opportunities to gather and pray, Adult Faith Formation, volunteer opportunities in the parish and community and infor on a planned trip to Rome all in the bulletin.

Posted Sept. 24, 2016 pay special notice to the Mass schedule for Oct 2nd which is the United in Jesus Mass a the Expo Center, the Craft fair at the church on Oct 1st, Adult faith formation, RCIA, school fundraisers and more.
Posted Sept 16, 2016 Please remember GIFT Registrations, The Gift and Craft Fair Oct. 1st, the Knights at the forest Festival, The United in Jesus Mass, The Sanctity of Life Banquet, The Chipotle Fundraiser and Candle Fundraiser for the school, the Start of RCIA and RICA, 60-5 meeting and much more. It’s a busy month in our parish!

Posted Sept. 10, 2016 The second United in Jesus Angelina County Mass is scheduled for Oct 2nd, Please remember the support a student collection, and check the bulletin for info on upcoming Morning of Reflection and Praise, the Sanctity of Life Banquet, Faith Formation and RCIA news, volunteer catechist are needed for the GIFT program, a marriage prep program and more.

Posted Aug. 12, 2016 English bulletin is posted at the link. Click for info 60-5 potluck, GIFT registration info, Baptism schedule, Ask a Laywer Day, Confirmation Rehearsal and Mass information, RCIA and RICA soon to begin and more.

Posted Aug. 12, 2016 Please read the bulletin online at the link in Englis and Spanish. Thanks to all who helped with the shoe drive, there is an upcoming Euchrist and Conformation retreat this month and upcoming adult faith formation classes in Sept, Oct, Nov. There is a morning of praise and reflection scheduled in Oct. GIFT registration is underway and be sure to check on the womens self defense class schedule at St. Patrick’s LaSellete Hall.

Posted July 16, 2016. Today is the Angelina County United in Peace event at the Expo center 3-6pm. St. Patrick’s is a sponsor of this event. Check the bulletin for info on The 60-5 Club Meeting, a free women’s self defense class, GIFT registration, school applications, Back to school Bonanaz, and the St. Benidict Prayer group meeting.

Posted July 9th, 2016. English bulletin is posted please check for info on Our Christian Faith Foundation Level Courses July 16th and Aug. 13 at St. Patricks, check for other Workshops and classes in Tyler and Longview, Faith Formation is now registering, SPYG Youth Group meeting info, Guadalupe Ministry Rosary and more.

Posted July 2nd, 2016 Have a safe and happy holiday weekend and check the bulletin link for parish news. There will be no Baptism classes for July, Please remember the support a student collection the provide scholarships for St. Patrick’s students next weekend.
Posted June 25, 2016 St. Patrick’s Catholic School yearbooks are available for purchase, See bulletin for details of Impact Lufkin Meeting, 60-5 Meeting, Job opening for full time religious Education Teach at the school, Holiday office closings, First Friday, Feast Days Father Raymundo’s Anniversary and more…

Posted June 18th, 2016 Check the English bulletin for info on Adult Faith Formation Classes, The Called and Gifted Workshop in Tyler, 60-5 club meeting, Info on the Come Lord Jesus Group, St. Patrick School Summer Food Program, and mark your calanders for the 2nd Arts and Craft Fair Oct. 1st.

Posted June 11th Please See the bulletin of the schedule adult faith formation classes, there will be a Knights of Columbus dinner honoring the widows of fallen knights June 17th, see the list of faith formation students with missing paperwork, Youth Evangelazation in Tyler, St Patrick’s SPYG youth group news and Charasimatic Congress June 17, 18, 19 in Tyler.

Posted June 9th, 2016 A basic Scripture course by Father Gavin Vaverek. Introduction to the Old Testament June 13 and June 15th 7-9PM Faith Formation Building.

Our Christian Faith:
Saturdays June 18th, July 16th and August 13th 9am-2pm.

Call 936-634-6833 or email Oralia Aguilar to get more info or register.

Posted June 7th, 2016 Please check the bulletin lots of summer St. Patrick School News, play ground wok day June 11 and 8:30, Summer food and academic programs, scholarship collection, There is a Guadalupano Rosary, English class canceled due to Father’s Day, and don’t forget to turn in Faith Formation documents.
Posted May 27th, 2016 Check the Bulletin link for upcoming special collections, congrats to graduates, an adult education class taught by Father Gavin, First Friday, summer guitar lesson registration and more.

Posted May 13, 2016 Check this week’s bulletin for info on St. Patrick School summer camps, local vacation Bible schools, a North Lufkin Education Summit, info on the Church Garage sale, Baptism schedules and the Holy Land Wood sale.
Posted April 30, 2016 Bulletin is posted in English and Spanish. May is Mary Month, There is an Ethics and Integrity Training, Please pick up Sacrament Certificates, First Friday and Acension of the Lod is upcoming and Welcome Seminarian Dave Bailey who will be with us through the summer.

Posted April 22, 2015 School Early Registration is ongoing. To receive a $50 discount enroll before 4-29-16. Check the bulletin for free English class, 60-5 meeting, Tuesday Rosary Group, Baptismal Class, and The upcoming Sacred Heart Multi Cultural Festival.

Posted April 15th, 2016 English bulletin is posted check back for Spanish. In the bulletin this week is a Flyer for a Chilli’s Restaurant fund raiser to benefit St. Patrick School. Check the bulletin for 60-5 club meeting, Baptismal Class schedule, Spanish Sacramental Formation info, registration for those over 18 who have not celebrated First Communion, St. Patrick early registration discount and more.

Posted April 8, 2016 Check the bulletin posted in English or Spanish for this week’s Liturgical Moment, information on summer camps at St. Patrick’s Catholic School, English as a second language classes in our parish, a community Free law day at Keltys United Methodist Church, a Kite Festival, Community Talk and more.

Posted April 1st Check the bulletin for Christian Initiation News Corner, upcoming Catholic Music Festival in Tyler, St. Patrick’s minister group (Spanish) meetings April 10th, Catholic Home school support meeting, Sacramental Formation, Baptism and Holy Land wood sale

Holy Thursday: March 24 LORD’S SUPPER
Confessions at 1pm and 2-3pm.
12 Noon Stations of the Cross (English)
2:00 p.m. Stations of the Cross (Spanish)
3:00 p.m. Novena of Divine Mercy (Bilingual)
7:00 p.m. Celebration of the Passion of the Lord (Bilingual)
Holy Saturday: March 26 THE EASTER VIGIL IN THE HOLY
8:00 p.m. Bilingual Vigil Mass
9:00 a.m. English
12 Noon Spanish
3:00 p.m. Novena of Divine Mercy (Bilingual)
5:00 p.m. Bilingual For the people of the Parish