Posted Nov. 20th, 2018 The bulletin is at the link in English or Spanish. No GIFT sessions Thanksgiving week, The Office is closed Nov 22 and 23. Thanksgiving Day Mass 9am. Check bulletin for info on 60-5 Christmas Party, RCIA Rite of Acceptance, Holy Day of Obligation for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception Mass schedule, the Healthy Diet Tips from the parish nurse and more.  

Posted 11,11, 2018 Check the bulletin link for information in English or Spanish.  GIFT sessions are Wednesday nights 6:30-8:00 with second year confirmation family workshop 11-13 at 6pm, parish health tips, listing of St. Pat’s men and woman in the Armed Forces, and Love INC Manger Network application info.   

Posted Nov. 5th, 2018 Check this week’s bulletin at the link for Parish Health Tips, application info for Love INC. Manger Network application, GIFT session info and Rosary Prayer Times. 

Posted Oct 20th, Please click the bulletin link for details on these upcoming events and more. Reception for Father Hank Oct 22nd at 7Pm , GIFT session @1 Oct 23, Baptism Class Oct 25, and Holy Day Mass schedule. 

Posted Oct 6, 2018 Today is the Craft Fair, Sunday Oct 7th is the United in Jesus Mass at the downtown Convention Center. Farewell and great job Father Hank welcome to our new pastor Father Guillermo Gabriel-Maisonet.  Life Chain is Sunday at 2, check bulletin link for info on Public Rosary, Mini retreat fior ladies, alter servers and faith formation first Family workshop. 

Posted Sept 29th 2018 Check this week’s bulletin for info on upcoming events. Spanish Baptism Classes, United in Jesus Mass on Oct 7th 11am at the Civic Center, training meeting for Spanish readers, contact numbers for the 46 Rosaries, Life Chain, Pumpkin Patch,  the Oct 6th Gift and Craft Fair and much more. 

Posted Sept 24th, 2018 Check the bulletin for details on Ministry Training for ushers, Eucharistic Ministers, and lectors Wed. 26th 6pm in the Church. Life Chain is Oct 7th. United in Jesus Mass Choir rehearsal Sept 30th, 2pm in the church. Faith Formation and Youth Group begin Oct 3rd, Young singles organizational meeting is in planning stages, Alter Server Training Sept 30, Craft Fair Oct 6th, 60-5 Sept 25th, Sanctity of Life Banquet Oct 8 in Tyler. 

Posted Sept. 15th Check the bulletin in English and Spanish for details. RCIA and RICA begin the weekend, United in Jesus Choir rehearsal 2pm Sunday 16th, Ladies Gathering meets Sept 21, Faith Formation and Youth Group begin Oct 3rd, Young singles organizational meeting, Catechist needed, Pastoral Council members needed,   Alter Server Training Sept 30, Craft Fair Oct 6th, 60-5 Sept 25th, Sanctity of Life Banquet Oct 8 in Tyler. 

Posted Sept. 8, 2018 Check the English bulletin link of info on the United in Jesus Mass at the Civic Center on Oct. 7th and all are invited to choir rehearsals that begin 9/9/18 in the church at 2pm. Alter server training is Sept 30th.  Gift and Craft Fair Oct 6th with booths still available. Check bulletin for Faith Formation meetings and English volunteers are needed. Liturgy Fair is next weekend with sign weekend Sept 16th. Guadaupano Ministry meets the 12th of each month for the Rosary.   

Posted Aug 31, 2018 Only the Spanish bulletin available but remember Father Jim’s mission at St. Andrew’s Sept. 3, St. Pat’s Sept 4th and back to St. Andrew’s Sept 5th each night begins at 6:30. Faith Formation registration is ongoing, Youth Group begins Sept 5th and RCIA/RCIA sessions began on Sept. 16 with all contact info on the main parish website.  

Posted Aug. 27, 2018 Mark your calendars for the upcoming United in Jesus Mass at the Lufkin Civic Center Oct 7th. Details on combined choir rehearsals in the bulletin.  Please check the dates and times for Father Jim Mission sponsored by St. Patrick’s and St. Andrew’s. This week is first Friday and the gift and craft fair booths are still available. Faith Formation is ongoing and Sacramental Preparation has a mandatory meeting 9/11/18 in the Faith Formation Building at 6:30.   

Posted Aug. 17th Click the bulletin link in English or Spanish for information on upcoming parish events. Plan to attend Father Jim’s Mission. He will speak at all English Masses Sept 1st and 2nd as well as the Mission Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 6:30. Contact Ray Vann for Baptism class info his info in the bulletin. Faith Formation registration is ongoing with the schedule posted on the main church web site.  Details on the Bishop’s Sanctity of Life Banquet in bulletin, 60-5 club meeting and craft fair details. 

Posted Aug. 12, 2018 Click the bulletin link for information Holy Day Masses, info on becoming a Pastoral Council Member, save the date for Father Jim’s Mission, St. Patrick School starts Aug. 14th, register for Faith Formation, and the Oct. 1st Gift and Craft Fair. 

Posted July 21, 2018 Check the bulletin link in English or Spanish for details on 60-5 Club meeting, Adoration sign up, St. Benedict Spanish Prayer Group, Faith Formation Sign up, Save $50 with St. Patrick School Registration before Aug, 1st, Sacristy Ministry meeting details, and Ethics and Integrity Training schedule.

Posted July 14, 2018 No Spanish Bulletin to post yet but please check the English Bulletin link for the top 10 reasons to choose St. Patrick Catholic School, Vacancies available or First Friday Adoration sign up, Ethics and Integrity Training schedule for those involved in Parish Ministries, and Catholic Charities donations for detained immigrant children are still being taken in the office.

Posted July 7, 2017 Click the English or Spanish Bulletin link for more info on Parish Activity. Call the Faith Formation Office, pictures are ready, Wooden Rosaries for sale in the church office, $5, Religious items for sale in the school Religion Department, the office is collecting items for immigrant children shelters, Parish Ethics and integrity trainings are set for this month, and alter servers are needed for all Mass times.

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