St. Patrick Catholic School is a co-educational Catholic primary, elementary, and middle school providing classes in grades PreK3-8th grade.  St. Patrick is accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department and Accreditation Commission (TCCAC).  The TCCAC accredits all Catholic schools in the Diocese of Tyler.  This accreditation is recognized by the Texas Education Agency, and is listed in the Texas Schools Directory.
St. Patrick Catholic School offers exceptional educational opportunities to students in Angelina and surrounding communities.  St. Patrick’s is dedicated to the spiritual, academic, and physical development of children with programs emphasizing religious education, advanced skills, technology, and athletics.  The school believes that this combination will enable the students to compete in today’s society.

St. Patrick Catholic School is an established school with NEW & INNOVATIVE Ideas:

  • Established in 1955
  • Accredited in Grades PreK-8
  • Extended Care available until 5:30 pm
  • Full day PreK program
  • Year round PreK program
  • Certified teachers


Myth No. 1

Catholic Schools are only for the rich.


Catholic schools were historically opened to serve the children of the poor. Over the years, many of those schools became schools for the wealthy because of the quality of the education. St. Patrick Catholic School has remained dedicated to serving all children. Tuition is extremely affordable and flexible financing is available. One need only to be rich in God’s love to attend our school.

Myth No. 2

Only Catholics can attend a Catholic school.


Our doors are open to children of all faiths. Up to 50% of enrolled students are not Catholic.

Myth No. 3

Non-Catholic students are not allowed to discuss their religious beliefs, and are often out of place among the Catholic students.


Non-Catholic students are not only allowed to discuss their religious beliefs, but are encouraged to do so. Our students understand and respect the fact that we live in a very diverse nation. Ecumenical unity is a priority at St. Patrick Catholic School.

Myth No. 4

Students who attend Catholic Schools are at a disadvantage compared to public school students who attend larger, better-funded schools.


Nationwide statistics show that 99% of all secondary Catholic school students graduate high school and 97% go on to attend college.

Myth No. 5

The strict disciplinary nature of Catholic schools does not allow for a fun environment.


Catholic school discipline holds students to a high standard of self control. This self-discipline does not negate a fun happy atmosphere, but rather fosters true self-esteem and self-worth, which are elements at the core of happiness.  Come visit St. Patrick Catholic School and see if our students look unhappy to you!

Myth No. 6

Catholic school is too expensive.


The cost of attending St. Patrick School compares favorably with other private schools in Lufkin, and is a fraction of private school tuition in larger cities. Scholarships and financial assistance are available to interested families. Furthermore, our college-oriented preparatory curriculum grooms students to compete for academic scholarships at the college level. Investing in education today pays off greatly in the future.